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The Elms Family have owned and operated the Rainbow Beach underbody wash since 1997. They originally designed and built this facility to service the unique need at Rainbow Beach for removal of sand from 4WDs. In 2007 The Elms Family completely rebuilt the original site.

The new wash facility has been design in conjunction with leading car wash equipment supply companies, along with structural, civil, geotechnical and hydraulic engineers to ensure that all aspects of the design are compliant and sound. This has included everything from using the latest vehicle movement modelling software to ascertain the best design for traffic flow, to hydraulic calculus to ensure water quality and environmental compliance.

Due to a lack of available land in town, great lengths have been taken to maximise use of the original site including placing the plant room and office on a second story level. This increased the turning spaces and working areas for customers, making this new modern feeling facility more appealing to customers with large 4WD vehicles and trailers.

The design has also taken account of the regional/small town feel of the area and has been design to complement the feel of the area and the surrounding buildings. The design also seeks to set a new standard for buildings in the industrial area by being the first to use tilt slab construction.

The new wash design also features new products such as full service self serve bays, familiar in all modern car washes. These new facilities will enhance the standard of service and customer satisfaction provided by the business.

The new facility also includes a full size office with toilet/shower and kitchen facilities to make employees/owners time at the car wash more comfortable. This air-conditioned office facility incorporates the latest in web based security monitoring systems for added security and breakdown monitoring. This web based system is designed to allow the owners monitoring access from anywhere in the world via the internet and the first of its kind to be used in an Australian car wash, featuring digital court acceptable recall of the past week of security monitoring with facial recognition quality.

On the plant and equipment front, the new facility is fitted with the latest in state of the art equipment retaining none of the old equipment.

The new facility has three, full service, self-serve-bays (SSB) with an incorporated Underbody wash in each bay, as well as two vacuums and air fresheners, which, by duplication, will alleviate queuing.

The new Underbody wash has been designed to maximise the use of fresh water while minimising water usage to achieve an even better result for both the customer and the environment. The underbody wash system has been custom designed and incorporates oscillating jets and three separate cycles (wash, rinse and rust inhibitor application).


21st January, 2007

The Elms Family have owned and operated the Rainbow Beach underbody Wash for the past decade. They originally designed and built this facility to service the unique need at Rainbow Beach for removal of sand from 4WDs. The Elms Family have now begun a complete rebuild of the original site and would like to thank all of their customers for their patronage over the past 10 years....(read more)


30th March, 2007
The Elms Family are proud to announce the reopening of their all new 4WD Underbody and Complete Car wash on Karoonda Rd just in time for Easter.
The new car wash comprises an impressive array of car wash equipment with no expense spared.
Apart from the vacuums, change machines, vending machines and digital tyre inflators the car wash has 3 self serve bays with all of the features found at any other car wash. However what you wont find at any other car wash is the three custom designed stainless steel underbody washes especially designed for the removal of salt and sand from todays 4WDs....(read more)








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